Paper art is fragile and easily damaged.
Environmental factors such as U.V. light, moisture and accident can cause yellowing, brittleness, foxing and tears.
Non-archival framing materials such as cardboard backings,
paper mats and oxidized adhesives can also cause staining and acid migration into artwork.

Fortunately, this deterioration can
be stabilized, repaired or reversed.

At The Paper Alchemyst, we have the capability to preserve a wide variety of paper art and artifacts, including etchings, watercolors, documents, movie posters, paper fans,
Asian screens, scrolls and die-cut advertising. The Paper Alchemyst consists of Petra Kreidler, who has restored art for 27 years, and Andrea Kreidler, 8 years experience.

The following services are available at reasonable rates:

Removal of backing boards Minimization of yellowing and stains
Lining with repair paper Wheat paste hinging
De-acidification Washing of paper
Linen mounting Tape removal
Tear repair Flattening
Retouching Airbrushing

Picasso etching

Before: waterstaining and dark toning
After: cleaned and deacidified

Asian Woodblock print

Before: oxidized scotch tape staining
After: staining reduced with solvent

Die-cut Advertisement

Before: missing corners, cracked, scuffed
After: corners recreated, damage touched up

Parchment diploma

Before: rippling and buckling caused by moisture
After: hydrated and flattened

Magic poster

Before: brittle, creased and torn,
After: deacidified with calcium hydroxide
mounted to repair paper

19th century bookplate

Before: foxing caused by acidity and moisture
After: cleaned and deacidified

Advertising calendar

Before: torn in half, rippled, missing paper on edge
After: tear repaired, flattened, missing area replaced

Charcoal enhanced photograph

Before: tears, scratches, scuffs, holes
After: mounted, filled, touched up

World War II poster

Before: torn along folds
After: linen mounted

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